Implite adds life to the years

The FREEDOM™ implant –
the replacement to go lightly

The FREEDOM™ implant – the replacement that lasts

The ultra-light and safe FREEDOM™ implant has been designed to replace any older implant when either shell rupture, capsule contracture or breast ptosis caused by the heavy weight of conventional implants indicate the need for replacement. The FREEDOM™ implant is a replacement that has been created to last, and minimize the possibility of future reoperations.

The FREEDOM™ implant – the ultra-light & safe replacement solution

The FREEDOM™ implant is the world’s first ultra-light, leak-free and long lasting breast implant. It has been especially designed for the replacement of older implants, when indicated, as a result of:

  • Breast ptosis due to age-related gravity problems with conventional, heavy implants
  • Rupture and leakage of gel or saline-filled implants
  • Painful capsule contraction

The FREEDOM™ implant – Making-of

The FREEDOM™ implant consists of a reinforced silicone shell filled with closed cell silicone foam beads. Shell reinforcement makes it very strong and not susceptible to rupture. Thanks to the use of silicone foam beads instead of silicone gel, the FREEDOM™ implant is ultra-light. The implant is compressible and therefore it is mainly suitable for implant replacement, where breast tissue has been expanded previously by gel or saline filled implants.

The FREEDOM™ implant – Benefits

  • Eliminates breast ptosis caused by the heavy weight of gel or saline-filled implants
  • Makes concerns about silent ruptures of gel implants superfluous
  • Saves expenses on diagnostic ultrasonography, C/T scans and MRI scans to detect silent ruptures
  • Minimizes reoperation for implant replacement in the future
  • Ensures longer lasting and better aesthetic results over time


The "FREEDOM™, the MAGIC™ and the ESSENTIAL™ implants are investigational devices and not commercially available in the USA.