Implite adds life to the years

The ESSENTIAL™ soft tissue filler

The ESSENTIAL™ soft tissue filler is the first ultra-light, leak-free, long lasting soft-tissue filler in the world. It is designed to fit into any soft-tissue defect in the body whether traumatic, congenital or surgical. It can be used for immediate as well as delayed reconstruction. It will enable true volume-replacement reconstruction instead of volume displacement procedures.

  • Soft-tissue defect filler, suitable for any region of the body
  • Malleable soft tissue implant
  • Very light, will not bulge through the skin; specific density of 0.3 g/cc
  • Made of silicone shell filled with closed-cell silicone beads
  • SAFE – nothing can leak from it since there is no liquid filler
  • Designed to withstand ambient pressure changes
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • A compressible filler to avoid pain due to capsular contracture
  • Unique non-magnetic ID-code integrated – readable by X-ray & CT
  • Identifiable in an over-the-web Implant Registration Data Base (IRDB) throughout the whole life cycle of the filler

The ESSENTIAL™ filling procedure

  • First soft tissue filler for immediate or delayed reconstruction by true volume replacement
  • Excise, fill the gap with a matching filler, and suture the skin
  • Only 10 minutes added to surgery; time to measure the specimen, choose the matching filler and fill-in the gap
  • Reduce rate of positive margins and reoperations in case of malignant tumor excision; no need to spare tissue, because a reconstructive solution is available now
  • Easy re-excision if needed, the original 3-D-architecture of cavity is not compromised, the filler serves as a spacer
  • No need for local flaps, i.e. volume replacement rather than volume displacement
  • Excise & reconstruct – all in the primary surgery
  • Save patient multiple delayed reconstructive procedures
  • Reduce over-all medical costs


The "FREEDOM™, the MAGIC™ and the ESSENTIAL™ implants are investigational devices and not commercially available in the USA.