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The MAGIC™ implant –
‘umbrella-lift’ for ptotic breasts

A paradigm shift in cosmetic breast concepts

The MAGIC™ implant will keep the breast in a projecting position irrespective of gravity. The implant is incorporated within the breast parenchyma like an inner scaffold. The MAGIC™ implant provides an ‘umbrella-lift’ solution for breast ptosis without adding weight or volume to the breast.

Breast ptosis –
introducing the MAGIC™ ‘umbrella-lift’ indication

The MAGIC™ implant provides an elegant solution for younger patients with breast ptosis, excessive breast size or thin skin. It is also an appropriate solution for middle-aged and elderly patients with postpartum and postmenopausal laxity yet ample breast tissue.

By implanting the ultra-light solid silicone MAGIC™ implant, a ptotic breast is converted into a projecting one. Whilst conventional heavy implants usually result in enhanced breast ptosis over time, the MAGIC™ implant weighs just 40 g.

The MAGIC™ ‘umbrella-lift’ procedure

The umbrella-designed MAGIC™ implant is inserted into the breast parenchyma resting on chest wall muscles that underlie the breast tissue and in doing so it constructs a supporting integrated scaffold within the breast itself. The implant has a lower round base that rests on the chest wall where the upper dome will be placed deeper to the nipple-areola complex that will ensure it is undistinguished to palpation.

The most important characteristic of the MAGIC™ implant is to be incorporated within the breast tissue where it will construct a single united structure with breast tissue that rests on the chest wall like a natural breast but constantly projecting.

The "FREEDOM™, the MAGIC™ and the ESSENTIAL™ implants are investigational devices and not commercially available in the USA.